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AWOL Club, Inc

A Way of Life

Our Mission

The purpose for which the AWOL Club, Inc. is organized is to provide alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation education in an alcohol and drug free facility by hosting activities including, but not limited to: 12 step group meetings, peer-to-peer assistance, and social functions.


Our Team

Board Members

A Board of Directors, elected every two years by the contributing membership, handles the business affairs of the AWOL Club, Inc., and oversees the operation and general maintenance of the building and grounds.

Management & Documents

The AWOL Club is a separate entity and is not affiliated with nor financed by Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon. AA and Al-Anon do have meetings and functions at the AWOL Club and they contribute with donations for those uses of the facilities. Another source of income is the annual contributions made by AWOL Club members, as well as monies generated by fundraising and social activities. The AWOL Club is a non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation. The Club relies heavily upon the support and contribution of its membership. Contributing members need not be members of AA or Al-Anon. We welcome anyone interested in supporting the AWOL Club and its mission.

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